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Greetings from our underground bunker in an undisclosed location in the Pacific Northwest. Howler has been in hibernation. The good news is that we are still alive, and this time has been a time of growth, strengthening and hunger. The bad news is that the website you are looking at sucks.

The plan to move forward is very digital.

This article is a project publication. Our current website (Ahem.) Needs a massive overhaul. As 2020 wiped out the already struggling publishing industry, we decided to move forward with a step-by-step approach, focusing on digital as the first step. Once that’s done and we’ve established a rhythmic editing cadence, we’ll move back to a howler-style agency / editor. Printed numbers can come once digitally restored.

So now that you know that, you know that we are looking for a Front End Design / Development Partner to transform our site… The good thing is that Howler’s voice and perspective on the world of football won’t need to change, just a radically improved sharing platform.

The project as we see it.

  1. Create a simple and striking new WordPress site that would be the new face of our online magazine featuring long-lasting editorial.
  2. All of this while working to retain SEO, site authority, backlinks, and existing WordPress website traffic.

Current platform: WordPress (we would continue with WordPress unless there is a very good reason to migrate to another platform). Adaptive / mobile design approach.

  • Website front-end redesign
    • Home page
      • We have sample designs and ideas, but new CSS, typography, and page design
    • Feature Articles page (long form)
      • We have sample designs and ideas
    • Archive Articles Page
      • Migration of archived articles to a new design while retaining all SEO best practices (we have over 6000 pages of existing articles / content)
      • Design the archive article page so that existing images do not need to be resized
  • Best practices
    • Strategic approach and elimination of duplicate content
    • Audit the WordPress site (clean plugins (+/-), simplify, update CSS)
    • Optimize site speed
  • Integrations
    • Google Display Network advertising platform or Mediavine
    • Create personalized event tracking in our Google Analytics
    • Integration with email service provider

The bad news. The good news.

The bad news is that the budget is meager on this project and will be a factor in project award. As the famous advertisement from Earnest Shackleton mentioned. It’s a dangerous journey, long months of utter darkness, a questionable safe return. Honor and recognition on return. It won’t be that bad, but your compensation will be similar to Shackleton’s. (Another thing to note is that Shackleton’s post was probably a myth, this post isn’t).

The good news is that this project could be a star project for the right person or agency. If you love football, can build beautiful, functional websites, and can leverage it for more of the kind of work you have, we want to hear from you. There will be brand awareness, and lots of eyeballs on this platform and the enduring support of Howler’s management team. The schedule for completing the work will be structured, but not unreasonable.

If this project suits you, please send an email [email protected] and talk a bit about yourself and / or your agency and your capabilities. Please include a link to your portfolio.

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