James O’Keefe, Project Veritas suspended by Twitter

It's O'Keefe.

It’s O’Keefe.
Photo: Pablo Martinez Monsivais (AP)

James O’Keefe, with Criminal record includes entering a federal lawmaker’s office under false pretenses with three morons disguised as phone repairers, would like you to know that he has in no way exploited fake accounts on Twitter.

That settles that.

A Twitter spokesperson told Gizmodo on Thursday that despite his declaration of innocence and threats to sue the company, O’Keefe had in fact been caught “cheating on others” by “exploiting fake accounts”. which is a violation of one of its rules.

O’Keefe’s Twitter account has been permanently suspended. His organization, Project Veritas, is also currently on hold.

In a Telegram statement, O’Keefe denied “exploiting fake accounts”, calling the accusation “libelous” and promising to prosecute. Twitter has not commented on this.

James O'Keefe photo of failed phone tampering escapade

James O’Keefe photo of failed phone tampering escapade
Photo: Federal authorities

O’Keefe’s supporters, including Kentucky Rep Thomas Massie, whose desk phones have likely never tried to tamper with a costumed idiot, rushed to his defense just moments after setting up the ban.

I had lunch with this hero yesterday, ” Massie said.

Other figures, including journalist (of course, why not) Andy Ngo, were eager to tie O’Keefe’s suspension to his work which incidentally, mainly turns around doing the thing he claims to be did not do.

Illustration from article titled James O'Keefe, Professional Impersonator, Firmly Refuses to Impersonate a Person

Screenshot: Twitter

The suspension comes on the heels of a hit report by O’Keefe, his defenders note, involving … wait that can’t be true … no, check … a O’Keefe employee pretend to be a nurse on Tinder.

The employee, according to the New York Post, managed to tap a CNN staff member confessing to a massive network conspiracy to play the death toll of Covid-19 in a bid to elect Joe Biden, or something from the kind.

The employee, whose job didn’t involve tallying covid-19 deaths, is described in reports as a “technical director,” which vaguely means he knows how to operate an audio card.

More than 560,000 Americans have died from contracting covid-19, according to authoritative sources, such as top experts in vaccinology, epidemiology and contract tracing nationwide.

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