Ketchup shortage has spawned a black market

Illustration from article titled There is a Black Market for Ketchup Packets Now

Screenshot: Shoshana Wodinsky (Facebook market)

If you are one of the fast food aficionados reeling from the tales of the mainstream nationwide ketchup shortage, then get a squirt of this. People are now putting their unopened packages for sale on eBay and Facebook Marketplace right now, for prices ranging from $ 1 per pack over $ 1000 for a few.

The trend was first noticed by The Wall Street Journal, which interviewed some of the vendors profiting from the ketchup crisis, such as an Indianapolis woman who sold 20 packs for $ 8 (reasonable!) and an Illinois man who tried to sell unique packages for $ 4 each (???). According to the Journal, the list of the latter said: “There is a shortage. Don’t try to belittle me, I know what I got.

He’s not wrong. Until Big Ketchup can put their sweet red sauce back on the market, there are no rules that limit the price you can charge for that old Heinz package that’s probably in your kitchen cabinet right now. . A The eBay listing, for example, runs the auction for a set of five packages at $ 5.90 – one dollar and changes for each. Another SEO for two ‘tear to squeeze’ packages starts at around $ 3 each. On Facebook Marketplace at the moment there is a seller in the Scranton offer a set of three for $ 1,200. (“The news told me there was a shortage of ketchup, so I decided to sell my shares,” his article read.)

It’s unclear how long the Great Ketchup Crisis, triggered by disruptions in the supply chain due to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, is unclear. continue to. Heinz told the Journal that he is “working around the clock” to build new production lines to meet demand, and Red Gold ad he was working with food chains to find new ways to distribute ketchup to customers. Let’s just hope things aren’t bad enough when paying $ 400 for a few things seems like a reasonable idea.

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