Thiago admits Liverpool ‘suffer a lot’ as key threat looms over Klopp

Thiago Alcantara admits the lack of fans inside Anfield has proven to be Liverpool’s biggest hurdle of the largely dismal season.

Jurgen kloppThe men have started the season on a high note after becoming Premier League champions last season. But while their strong first half of the season took them to the top on Christmas Day, they have since suffered a dramatic fall. In fact, they have fallen to a minimum of eighths and now face a tough battle to qualify for next season’s Champions League.

The Reds’ outer form has remained fairly stable, but on home soil they’ve gone from one extreme to the other.

After going undefeated 68 games at Anfield, Liverpool lost six in a row. In addition, they have only scored one goal in open play on their own field in 2021.

Talk to Liverpool today’s program, Thiago explained how the lack of fans affected his colleagues.

“This year, with the missing supporters, the team had to find additional equipment to be able to compete,” said the Spaniard.

“Everyone wants to keep winning things and scoring goals and that desire is still very strong in the team.”

Thiago may have international allegiances with Spain, but he is the son of Brazilian icon Mazinho.

In addition, his brother Rafinha – who plays for Paris Saint-Germain – made two caps for Brazil.

As such, Thiago has roots in the South American country and has revealed how the nation’s players feed off a crowd.

Thiago admits Liverpool Brazilians struggle

“I think that’s the emotional side of the players,” added Thiago. “The Brazilian players bring that emotion to the pitch – suffering when times are tough and very motivated when times are good.

“This emotional aspect is really important, not just for Brazilian footballers but for Brazilians in general. We suffer a lot in our profession, we have adapted but obviously we really miss the fans.

He added: “Football is a game, a spectacle, it is entertainment. With all due respect to the opposition, when we play we try to put on a show and play for the people.

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“It’s mutual – you go out and play and you do something right and you get an emotional response from the fans, you get a response when you make a mistake too.

“You help the fans and they help you, you play with them and that emotional aspect is important to us.”

Liverpool return to action on Monday night, traveling to Elland Road to play Leeds.

The Reds won a 4-3 cross-team thriller at Anfield in their first Premier League game of the season.

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