Latest coronavirus: cases in New York state hospitals drop to 5-month low

Pregnant women in the UK can now be offered a Covid-19 vaccine, government advisers said on Friday, but shouldn’t have the Oxford / AstraZeneca jab. The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization recommended that pregnant women receive only the BioNTech / Pfizer or Moderna vaccine.

The United States will invest $ 1.7 billion to fight variants of Covid-19, as public health experts warn new strains of the virus could increase infections even more. Americans are vaccinated. The White House announced Friday that it is allocating funds from the $ 1.9 billion economic relief package signed last month to combat variants.

There were 77 cases of a new variant linked to a increase in Covid-19 cases in India, UK, as the government seeks to strengthen its defenses against strains that could escape existing vaccines. The cases were reported by the government on Thursday evening, along with 56 new cases of the variant first identified in South Africa.

The number of EU citizens arriving in the UK before the pandemic has been revised upwards by the official statistical agency. The Office for National Statistics said on Friday that in the nine years leading up to March 2020, before the first lockdown, net migration in the EU averaged 216,000 people per year, 76% more than the previous figures.

A worker prepares a dose of the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine at Dae Hueng’s Presbyterian Church in Gardena, Calif. © Patrick T Fallon / AFP via Getty Images

Moderna has warned that he will deliver less than expected vaccines in the UK, Canada and some other countries, after a production deficit in its European supply chain. The Boston-based biotech company said on Friday it would reduce the number of doses it sends to the UK from April.

Apple has temporarily closed its stores in Michigan, which has become the latest coronavirus hotspot in the United States. “Due to the current Covid-19 conditions, we are temporarily closing our stores in Michigan. We are taking this step with great caution as we closely monitor the situation, ”the company said on Friday.

Santander told UK mortgage brokers that when assessing an independent borrower’s mortgage application, he would set aside the 2020-2021 accounting period if their business was affected by the coronavirus crisis. Starting Monday, Santander will base its assessment on income from the two tax years before the pandemic.

The general manager of the cooperative group will receive a bonus of more than 1 million pounds this year despite the mutual choice not to give up the reduction in commercial tariffs. Steve Murrells will receive £ 1.35million, an increase of £ 735,000 from 2019 results, taking his total salary at £ 2.2m. More than half of this year’s bonus is a deferred award from 2018.