players excluded from selection, UEFA threatens, FIFPro …

“The players who will participate in the Super League will not play in the World Cup or the Euro, they will not be able to represent the national teams,” said UEFA President Aleksandr Ceferin the day after the announcement of the creation of this new competition. A firm decision far from being to the taste of the international players’ union, FIFPRO.

“The players continue to be used as assets and as leverage in these negotiations. This is unacceptable for FIFPRO and the 60,000 players we represent. We will vigorously oppose measures, on both sides, which would undermine the rights of players, such as the exclusion of their national teams. In the best interest of the players and the entire football industry, we are committed to working with all stakeholders to make decisions that work for all, ”the union said in a statement.

FIFPRO also added that “the creation of a new competition minimizing solidarity cooperation between domestic and international competitions could cause irreparable damage”.

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