Aliou Cissé called to order by the FSF!

The Aliou Cissé case was one of the essential points of the meeting of the Executive Committee of the Senegalese Football Federation (FSF) held on Monday. President this meeting which ended late, Me Augustin Senghor affirmed that he and the members of the Emergency Committee met the national coach after the disappointing draw (1-1) against the eSwatini, counting for the 6th and last day of the CAN 2021 qualifiers.
“We have reviewed the evaluation of the CAN playoffs. At this level, the Executive Committee expressed its satisfaction for this new qualification of the national A team, considering that it has almost become the norm for Senegalese football to participate in the various CANs. “

“We came back to the team’s performance in the last two games. Myself and the members of the emergency committee who had to meet the coach after these matches, had to report on this. And overall, the members of the executive committee welcomed that the team is constantly improving in terms of results. It was hoped that the coach would get closer to the decision-making centers and listen to what is being done so that the situation that happened during the match against Eswatini can be avoided even if nowadays no match can be won in advance. I think that all that was the subject of a good note and that at this level, the FSF decided to make a close follow-up with the national team so that one can anticipate on certain situations ”, explained Me Senghor.

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