England’s six clubs withdraw from European Super League – competition called off amid backlash

We are learning from strong sources that English clubs will all be withdrawing from the European Super League.

The story moves quickly, but the card game crumbles one by one and it only feels like a matter of time before an official statement is made.

Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester City are already gone, and Liverpool will follow suit with the project seemingly dead in the water following the incredible backlash it has received since Sunday’s announcement.

Sources say the entire project will be dead in the water before the end of the week – following threats of expulsion from UEFA and domestic competitions – and also fan backlash.

Manchester United president Ed Woodward has resigned, as has Juventus member Andrea Agnelli, and we wouldn’t be surprised others are following now.

Rumors that we have not substantiated have claimed that the Glazers and FSG are now looking to sell, but we haven’t heard anything about that yet.

More soon…

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