Fagradalsfjall volcano eruption in Iceland Photos

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After a series of earthquakes in Iceland, the long dormant Fagradalsfjall volcano erupted on Friday evening. The volcano is located nearly 40 miles outside of Reykjavík, the nearest city and the nation’s capital, and has not threatened lives or damaged infrastructure.

“Currently, gas pollution should not cause much discomfort to people, except near the source of the eruption”, tweeted the Icelandic Meteorological Office this morning. “Gas emissions will be closely monitored.”

🌋 The newly erupted Fagradalsfjall volcano is located on the Reykjanes peninsula in southwest Iceland. The eruption was preceded by a swarm of earthquakes, as we noted several days ago. https://t.co/5x8FBokq7V https://t.co/t4EWTnjPHB

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Images of the eruption immediately flooded social media as residents of Iceland saw lava and ash from the volcano light up the sky.

Vilhelm Gunnarsson / Getty Images

The country’s Justice Minister Áslaug Arna Sigurbjörnsdóttir visited the volcano as the eruption began to monitor the situation. Sigurbjörnsdóttir posted photos and live video from the helicopter showing lava oozing from the eruption.

Photo I took this evening of the Reykjanes volcanic eruption in Iceland. We are monitoring the situation closely and, at this time, it is not considered a threat to the surrounding towns. 🌋🇮🇸 #Iceland

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Local media Ruv also broadcasts the volcano live.

The people of Reykjavík have posted surreal photos of a red glow in the sky showing Fagradalsfjall erupting.

The eruption also caused a rush of visitors trying to attend the event.

Among them, Icelandic singer Björk, who said on Instagram that the volcano, where she once filmed a clip, was 30 minutes from her home.

“YES !!, eruption !! we in Iceland are so excited !!! we always understood it !!! feeling of relief when nature speaks !!!” she posted.

The Icelandic Coast Guard has also been monitoring the situation closely, posting photos, videos and updates from the scene.

On Saturday morning, an employee encountered a dog who joined the tour.

Local photographers also rushed to the scene, sharing incredible photos.

One person posted a video taken during what they said was the first commercial flight to the eruption site. “It is the most magical thing I have ever experienced in my life. I literally cried !!” she said on Instagram.

Flights to Fagradalsfjall appeared to be busy, with people admiring the volcano in all its glory from sunrise.

One person posted a photo of the beautifully lit sky saying: “What you see here is not a sunset but a volcanic eruption in Fagradalsfjall.”

According to the meteorological office, “The eruption is small and the volcanic activity has subsided somewhat since last night.”

“The lava fountains are small and the lava flows are a very local danger right now,” officials tweeted.

Icelandic Coast Guard / Getty Images

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