[Guide] Use Twitter Spaces to Create and Join Audio Discussions on Android, iOS – Gadgets to Use

[Guide] Use Twitter Spaces to Create and Join Audio Discussions on Android, iOS – Gadgets to Use

Apps like Clubhouse have made audio social media popular around the world. And to benefit from this, Twitter has now rolled out a similar audio chat feature called Twitter Spaces. This article will explain how you can use Twitter spaces to create and join audio chats on Twitter for Android and iOS.

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Use Twitter spaces to create and join audio chats on Android, iOS

Twitter Spaces is very similar to its popular rival Clubhouse. It allows you to create or join audio chat rooms to listen and talk to other people around the world in real time.

The rooms are public and anyone on the platform, including those who are not following you, can join you to listen to the speakers. You can invite up to 10 speakers to your space by tweeting or sharing your link. There is no limit to listeners.

Currently, Twitter spaces are being tested on Android and iOS. Initially it was available in beta for iOS, but has now spread to some Android users. If you received it on your phone, follow the given guide to create and join Twitter spaces.

Create Twitter spaces on Android, iOS

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  1. Open the Twitter app on your phone.
  2. Long press Compose button.
  3. Press the The spaces icon.
  4. Allow microphone access if prompted.

    Create Twitter Spaces Audio Discussions on Android iOS
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  5. Choose a name suitable for your space.
  6. Then click on Start your space.


  1. Press your profile picture at the top, right next to the fleets.
  2. Now scroll right to find the Spaces option.
  3. Add a name, description and press Start your space.
  4. He will now create an audio chat room on Twitter.

Note that your microphone will be disabled by default. You can activate it by tapping the microphone icon. The first time you launch Spaces on Twitter, it will ask you if you want your speech to be captioned. It allows others to see your live subtitles while listening.

Note that accounts with protected tweets cannot host a space. That said, they can join spaces hosted by others.

Join the Twitter spaces on Android, iOS

Currently, there are two ways to join Twitter spaces on the platform’s mobile application:

  1. If you follow the host, their current Twitter audio chat sessions will appear as purple bubbles with their photo at the top of your timeline, i.e. the Twitter Fleets section. You can tap on that purple bubble and click Join this space rejoin.Join the Twitter spaces on Android iOS
  2. You can also join a shared Twitter space via tweets by tapping the purple box in the tweet.Join the Twitter spaces on Android iOS

Once you’ve signed up, you can choose to stay tuned or get approval from the host to speak in the session. While listening, you can use emoji reactions to react during audio chat – emoji will appear on your avatar.

How to find Twitter spaces

Twitter may soon have a dedicated Spaces tab where you can likely search for and discover Spaces.

However, for now, an easy way to find Spaces links on Twitter is to hit the search bar and type “twitter.com/i/spaces. It will then show you all the tweets with links to spaces. You can also find links to Twitter spaces through the third-party site Twitterspaces.global.

End the Twitter space

Once you have completed the session, you can click on the red colored button Finish button. Then press Yes, end to complete the Space. The session will be over and everyone will be automatically kicked out. If you’ve joined someone else’s space, click the button leave icon in the right corner.

Others will not be able to access the space after the session ends. However, Twitter will keep copies of the audio and captions for 30 days if it needs to review the conversation for any rule violations. During this time, hosts can download a copy of the data from Space, including a transcript (if captions have been enabled).

Are Twitter spaces available on the Twitter web?

As of now, Spaces is only available on iOS and Android. However, Twitter did mention that they are working to get it out on Twitter.com as soon as possible. You can follow @TwitterSpaces to stay up to date with the latest developments.


It was all about how to use Twitter spaces to create and join audio Twitter chats on iPhone and Android. Try the new feature and let me know about your experience. Plus, which one do you think is better – Clubhouse or Twitter Spaces? Comment below. Stay tuned for more news.

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