Liverpool fan offers pro-FSG argument on Reddit

Liverpool fans were in turmoil following news of the club’s unauthorized FSG involvement in talks to form a breakaway Super League made up of elite European outfits.

The outpouring of united anger at the owners responsible for driving the Premier League’s top six teams into dangerous territory led to the plans being dismantled, with many Reds understandably enraged at John W. Henry and co.

A Reddit fan, however, has set his sights on the matter, deciding to remind fans of all the good American owners have done during their tenure.

“The Super League proposal was a disastrous mistake. After this mistake, Henry became the only owner to fully and publicly acknowledge this mistake and the damage his actions caused to the club, as well as to Jürgen and the boys individually ”. as written by u / marco_esquandolas.

“What else did this guy and his ownership group do for Liverpool?”

“This is not the first mistake he and FSG have made. It won’t be the last.

“But just to dismiss the contribution he and FSG have made to the club as a result of this mistake is, in my opinion, extremely short-sighted.”

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The Rouge in question has mentioned everything from the rebirth of the FSG on the threat side of the administration, turning us into European, world and national champions in the space of a decade, to the construction of a training center. world class.

Matching owner’s accomplishments one by one shows that we really have to be grateful for, especially in relation to the way some of our competition is being handled.

That being said, it’s hard to ignore so many glaring mistakes that go against the club’s core values, from overcharging tickets to their latest lucrative adventure with the European Super League.

If the road to redemption has not been cut to pieces by the reckless decisions of the FSG, the road will be particularly long and winding for Americans.

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