why Neymar has still not signed his extension

According to the Catalan press, the Brazilian is still waiting for a sign from FC Barcelona before definitively engaging with PSG.

The Super League may well be at the heart of debates and football news all over Europe, in Spain we do not forget good habits and classics. Thus, it is Neymar who appears on the top of the one of the daily Sport this Wednesday, and the Catalan daily devotes a double page to the Brazilian star from the first pages of its edition. And the news is not necessarily good for Parisians.

Certainly, the media specifies that there is an agreement in principle with PSG for an extension until 2026. The hardest part is done, in a way, and it is very likely that he will continue his career in Paris. But at the same time, the Canarinha star is playing for time. Before finally signing this new contract, he is waiting to know what FC Barcelona can offer him. Anyway, he won’t sign anything until the end of the season, according to the Catalan publication.

Neymar is waiting for Barça

If everything indicated that the fantasy of Ney’s return to Barcelona had died down during the season, Joan Laporta’s return to the Camp Nou throne would have been a game-changer. Neymar does not want to put pressure on Barça, but he and his father are aware that the negotiations will be much easier with the new Blaugrana president than with Josep Maria Bartomeu, with whom there were resentments and bad relations following business. past. The proximity of the end of the contract of the Parisian number 10 also helps logically.

For the newspaper, there is no doubt, if Neymar feels that there is the slightest possibility of returning to Camp Nou, he will do everything to make it happen, even if it means lowering his emoluments significantly. The idea of ​​replaying with Lionel Messi is still in the head of the former Santos. The ball is therefore currently in FC Barcelona’s court, where management’s leeway remains quite limited from a financial point of view. The soap opera is therefore not over …

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