Electric bikes recalled over firmware issue that could cause unwanted acceleration

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Screenshot: Brompton / YouTube

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled the Brompton electric folding bikes due to a firmware issue that could cause unwanted acceleration. even after users stop pedaling, according to a press release from the government agency.

Brompton’s e-bikes are designed to provide electric assistance to riders while they pedal, but the company has received a complaint that the bikes can provide “continuous assistance” even after a user has stopped pedaling. Brompton believes the issue is software-related and that users can get a free upgrade if they take their bikes to an authorized dealer.

“Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled bikes and contact the nearest authorized Brompton Electric dealer for a free software upgrade to version 1-2-10-2,” said the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. in one declaration.

The company issued a Youtube video on the recall featuring Brompton’s director of design and engineering Will Carleysmith. As Carleysmith notes, there have been no reported crashes or incidents related to the firmware, but the recall is being done out of caution.

The bikes in question were sold or received firmware updates between June 2020 and March 2021 and sell for between $ 3,500 and $ 3,800. Consumers can check if their bicycle is part of the recall at Brompton website, provided you have the serial number handy.

If your bike is recalled, you can claim a $ 30 credit for the inconvenience caused after getting your software update.

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