European Super League: sport must be meritocratic, but UEFA must reflect – Conte

Antonio Conte believes that “sport must be meritocratic”, but called on UEFA to reflect after the European Super League plan Inter had entered collapsed.

Inter were among 12 sides in Serie A, Premier League and La Liga to support the formation of an escaped tournament on Sunday.

However, following widespread criticism, the plans collapsed on Tuesday as the clubs opted out following a backlash from supporters, politicians and the media.

The Nerazzurri announced ahead of their Serie A meeting with Spezia on Wednesday that they would no longer appear in the Super League.

Conte is convinced the club made the right decision, but urged UEFA to understand why the teams wanted to withdraw from the Champions League.

“As a sportsman, I think we should never forget the tradition. This is history and it must be respected, ”Conte told Sky Sport Italia.

“We must not forget the passion for sport, and sport must be meritocratic. We are working to win and to gain something. Meritocracy should always be the priority.

“Having said that, everything that has happened shows that it’s just that UEFA reflects too. They organize tournaments, take all the income and reserve only a small part of it for the teams that actually participate in these tournaments.

“The players are in a hurry like lemons with this packed game list and are getting very little for it. Organizations need to consider better compensation. Clubs invest in coaches and players, so they deserve a portion of the income they help generate.

“If you get 10 rights and keep seven to yourself, giving everyone only three, that’s not really fair. I think the split needs to be reconsidered. “

UEFA announced on Monday that a new format for the Champions League would come into effect in 2024, with the competition expanding to accommodate 36 teams.

Instead of being split into groups, qualifying clubs will be part of a single league and play a minimum of 10 matches instead of six.

Asked about his opinion on the new setup, Conte replied, “I haven’t really thought about the format. Regardless of the number of teams, the important thing is that there is meritocracy, otherwise the sport loses its meaning.

“Meritocracy is the most important thing, but also organizations, including those that run international meetings, should consider allocating resources a little better.”

Inter were held to a 1-1 draw at Spezia but extended their Serie A lead to 10 points following Milan’s 2-1 home loss to Sassuolo earlier in the day.

“The pressure is inevitable, and let’s not forget that many players are fighting for something important for the first time. They are doing really well and I think we could easily have earned the win, ”said Conte.

“I was happy with the intensity of the performance, although we could have had more quality in the final third, which is why we are talking about a draw rather than a victory.

“There are fewer laps left. We see the finish line and the pressure is taking its toll.

“We have spent a lot of energy and have another physical match against [Hellas] Verona [on Sunday]. “

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