Neymar at the 2020 Olympic Games? Brazil coach has decided

André Jardine, selection of the U23 team of Brazil who will therefore lead the Seleçao during the Olympic Games this summer (planned last year, but postponed because of the crisis due to the coronavirus epidemic), was invited by Globo Esporte to discuss the possibility of having Neymar in his workforce. He has made no secret that he would like to have the 29-year-old Paris Saint-Germain forward, but points out that he cannot be sure.

” Without a doubt. Assuming that we want to form the strongest selection possible, Neymar, who is the flagship player of the A selection and the best Brazilian player in activity, comes into play. We are talking about a crack with a bewildering decision-making power, a destabilizing force for the opponent, who plays in a big club. He may be in the prime of his career.

“This is a question that goes beyond my prerogatives as a coach. “

For us, that would be an asset of enormous quality. We understand that the situation is complex. We leave that to the institution. This is a question that goes beyond my prerogatives as a coach and concerns more the Federation, PSG and the player himself. “

We can easily understand that Jardine would prefer to have Neymar in his team to play the Olympics. He would obviously be a great asset for Brazil, which they have already led to success in 2016 in this competition. However, the coach recalls that it is far from won.

There is already a terribly busy season to finish and then the Copa America to play with the Brazil first team. The wisest thing would then be to rest a little. Especially for this player who has had several injuries in recent years. We can think that there will be discussions and we could understand that Neymar still wants to represent his country. It remains to be seen what will be chosen, hoping that there will be a certain caution while participation in the Olympics would also delay his departure from the 2021-2022 season.

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