Tottenham stadium snob isn’t enough – punishment must match the crime

The collapse of the European Super League (ESL) earlier this week sparked a lot of talk about how the 12 clubs involved will be punished.

The news that Tottenham Hotspur will miss hosting European Championship games this summer is a good start, although it does not go far enough.

According to the Telegraph, UEFA will no longer consider Tottenham Hotspur Stadium as a potential venue for the tournament due to its involvement in ESL.

Spurs had been keen to organize games this summer, but these are now likely to be awarded to Wembley Stadium.

SL view

There have been suggestions in some neighborhoods that things can get back to normal now that the ESL has been put in the trash.

However, the senseless apologies made by some of the clubs involved highlight the contempt with which they treat football fans.

To say that things can go back to how they were is naive in the extreme – these clubs must be hit hard.

They came together in good faith and then colluded behind people’s backs to bite the hand that feeds them.

While the blame will be thrown on the club’s executives – Manchester United’s Ed Woodward has already been touted as a sacrificial lamb – no one doubts the fault.

The Glazer family, John W Henry and their devious accomplices conspired to bring football back royally.

The punishment for this despicable behavior must match the crime.

Point deductions, competition suspensions, transfer embargoes? Yes, yes and yes.

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