Pauline explains her romantic encounter with Gana Gueye on Facebook

Pauline Gueye revealed how she met her husband, Senegalese footballer Idrissa Gana, on social media.

Pauline Gueye gave an interview to Le Parisien, this Friday, April 23. The wife of footballer Idrissa has agreed to talk about their love story and return to their meeting, quite surprising. To our colleagues, the mother of little Isaac (2 years old) and Ismaël (who is only 7 months old) revealed that in 2011, the athlete “stumbled across [s]on Facebook profile ”and that he“ sent her an invitation ”, which she“ accepted ”.

With chosen words, Idrissa’s wife Gana Gueye spoke at length about her role and the couple she forms with the defensive midfielder of PSG.

It is rare to hear a footballer’s wife speak out. This Monday, at tea time, when Idrissa Gana Gueye was taking care of their two children Isaac (2 and a half years old) and Ismaël (7 months), his wife Pauline, 29 years old, spoke to us with enthusiasm and great detail about his life with the defensive midfielder of PSG arrived at the club of the capital in 2019.

How long have you known Idrissa?

PAULINE GUEYE. In 2011, he stumbled across my Facebook profile and sent me an invitation. I accepted it. He replied: Thank you for accepting me as a friend. I found it too touching, it changed the usual formulas like: Hi, are you okay? At the time, we had a friendly relationship. I then went to Nantes to continue my studies.

When did you start a romantic relationship?

When I returned to Lille, in 2014, to do my Masters in management and business strategy. When he signed to Aston Villa the following year, we decided to create something serious, but the sine qua non was that I finish my studies first. For a year, it was a bit of love at a distance because I worked for three days and I joined him from Saturday to Tuesday. After obtaining my Masters in 2016, I joined him in England. Idrissa played for Everton. I worked as an account manager for an American IT outsourcing company. I called many customers all over the world.

Did Idrissa ask you to stop working?

No. I was a very careerist. Idrissa loved me telling her about my day. He always supported me in everything I did. After our first child, I had to resume my job, but we moved to Paris.

Despite your two young children, you keep a professional activity …

I am an influencer. I receive products, I test them and if it’s good, I share them with my community on my Instagram account undeuxetnous (Editor’s note: which has nearly 83,000 followers). It’s a way to stay active at home while taking care of Ishmael and Isaac. I have other projects. You might see me on the screens. With Idrissa and friends, we are also working on the creation of an association to help people in difficulty in Senegal and France.

Have you ever received racist comments on social media?

No never. People are mostly kind to us. Sometimes there are reviews but they are focused on Idrissa’s performance if he is less good.

Can you stand the criticism of your husband?

He manages to take a step back, but it affects me directly. There is a moment to talk with him about his performance. If Idrissa had a good match, we will talk about it right away, if he was a little less good and he comes home disappointed, I will support him and we will talk about it two or three days later.

Do you discuss tactics with him?

Of course ! I have become a connoisseur, I can recognize a 4-4-2 (smile). During the match, I send him messages even though I know he will only read them at the end of the match. After the game, the first thing he will do is call me and we comment. We then watch his game together. On certain actions, I ask him why, for example, he anticipated or not.

Is he on a diet?

He can discuss with the PSG nutritionist. Me, I took advice. For example, the day before a match, I prepare pasta with chicken so that it has good digestion. He does not take orange juice the morning of a meeting because it can stay on his stomach. There is a whole mechanism that is being put in place. Before each game, his son Isaac tells him: Good game and goal daddy. A player must be in mental comfort. We too often think that a footballer’s wife is lucky, that she uses her husband’s bank card, that she goes shopping … But no! She must be intelligent and far-sighted. We work in the shadows so that our husband thinks only of football.

Is sleep important for an athlete?

He takes afternoon naps, goes to bed early, and I let him sleep in the morning when he needs it and there’s no training. He never gets up at night for the little one. And the day before games, he sleeps in another room. But, he’s a great dad who takes care of his sons. The oldest loves to play soccer with him.

Did you go to the stadium before the health crisis?

Yes with Isaac. His favorite phrase is: But in Paris. He’s excited watching TV. He is only 2 and a half years old but he immediately recognizes his dad. He wants to go to the game to see him, but we explain to him that it is not possible at the moment.

What has been Idrissa’s biggest emotion since he joined PSG?

The return match against Dortmund last year (2-0 victory in the round of 16 of C1). He had been touched by the many supporters supporting the team next to the Parc des Princes. He would have liked to share this intense joy with them inside the stadium.

Idrissa Gueye’s biggest dream is to “win the Champions League with PSG” according to his wife Pauline.

Idrissa Gueye’s biggest dream is to “win the Champions League with PSG” according to his wife Pauline. LP / Frédéric Dugit
Win the Champions League with PSG. It marks a life. He would be so proud to bring this trophy home for his sons.

Idrissa made two big performances against Bayern in the quarter-finals of C1…

When he got home he smirked. It is Idrissa that I know. In both matches, he is the one who gives everything, who goes everywhere, who is in confidence.

How do you explain his lack of consistency in performance since his arrival at PSG?

For me, it’s the best so I’m not going to be very objective. Idrissa is a sentimentalist. It works by feeling and by affect. If he is well in his head, nothing will be able to stop him. I also had a complicated pregnancy with Ismaël. Obviously Idrissa was worried and this can sometimes influence sports performance.

Do you give your opinion on the choice of club at the time of a transfer?

We talk about it even if sometimes I learn more from the media than from him. I had the most intense and stressful transfer window in December 2018. Idrissa was getting phone calls from Paris and then he called Everton with his agent. One day he had to commit to PSG and the next day it was no. Finally, he signed in Paris six months later. I was very happy to come back to France to eat French bread again and of course to be closer to my family.

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Do you take special precautions against the Covid since many Parisian players have been infected?

We limit attendance as much as possible. If we have someone at home for a few days we ask them to take a test. If Idrissa catches the Covid, he will penalize his club. We are therefore uncompromising on the health protocol.

Are you worried after the many burglaries that have occurred in the homes of PSG players?

The nights that followed those at Marquinhos and Di Maria’s, I had nightmares imagining that someone could come into our home and kidnap our children. I was very worried until PSG set up 24 hour security guards in front of our house. I am now reassured.

Do you have a privileged life?

Yes and no. I lead a normal life. We don’t do madness, we know where we come from. Even though we have a certain level of comfort, I don’t drive a Porsche or a Ferrari. I don’t have a nanny, a cook or a driver. It’s a personal choice. My mother raised my two little sisters, my older brother and me alone, while having a job. This is an example for me.

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