Ballon d’Or, Kylian Mbappé and extra time: Neymar lets go of his truths

D-1 before the long-awaited UEFA Champions League semi-final first leg between PSG and Manchester City, at the Parc des Princes. Still competing in three competitions, the Parisians will want to obtain a positive result before the return confrontation in England next week. And on the eve of this shock against the Citizens, Neymar Jr presented himself at a pre-match press conference, a first since October 2, 2018. Selected excerpts.

The match against Manchester City

Neymar: “It will be a difficult game. They are a great team and it will be as difficult as Bayern. We will do our best and we will do everything to win the game. ”

His form before this semi-final

Neymar: “I feel good and happy. I feel good physically. I will do everything to wear the PSG tomorrow to go to the final. ”

Does he talk about the Ballon d’Or with Mbappé?

Neymar: “I feel good. My first goal is the Champions League and not the Ballon d’Or. It’s not the first thing that’s on my mind right now. Me, I want to wear this match and have this Champions League, so in the future I could tell myself that I would have won 1, 2 or 3 Champions League. I want to help PSG to have this trophy. About Mbappé? He’s a very great player, he helps us and scores goals. I wish it reached the maximum. He’s a great player. ”

His contract extension with PSG

Neymar: “I already talked about that in the last match, it’s not the subject at the moment. I feel good and very happy. This is the season when I feel the happiest. I feel comfortable and things are going to come naturally. ”

How can PSG grow more?

Neymar: “Yes, PSG have grown a lot and they are progressing more and more. It is not for nothing that it is one of the best clubs. We are at the gates of the Champions League. Last season, we finished second. PSG have made a lot of progress and we will continue to make it progress further. ”

A way to enter even more in the history of the club by winning the C1?

Neymar: “Yes, we are getting better and better. We will do everything to win. There are a lot of things that have happened this year at the technical and coach level. We work and we go in the direction of victory. When I arrived I had declared the goal to be the Champions League. We have to continue our work and persevere to win. ”

His changes since joining PSG in 2017

Neymar: “Since I arrived, I have had difficulties and I have overcome them. I have always been a real professional even if some people said bad things. Me when I am on the field, I play and I am professional. This year we are in the semi-finals, we will do everything to beat Manchester City. I feel good about myself and I remain professional even when I was in difficulty. ”

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