Real Madrid and Chelsea back to back

Real Madrid can still say thank you to Benzema. In difficulty at home, the Spanish club hung a draw against Chelsea (1-1) on Tuesday for the first leg of the semi-final of the Champions League.

From the first minutes, the debates were quickly to the advantage of the Londoners, who took advantage of the spaces left by the Madrilenians. And on a counter, the Blues got the first chance of the game, with a point-blank stop by Courtois in front of Werner! Confident, Chelsea insisted and Pulisic, on an opening from Rüdiger, eliminated Courtois before scoring despite the deviation of Varane (0-1, 14th).

Long without reaction, Real revolted all the same with a distant strike from Benzema on the post of Mendy! And as often, Benzema indeed managed to revive his team with a superb sequence, header control and volley, following two discounts from Casemiro and Militao (1-1, 29th). Despite this equalization, the Merengue still had great difficulties in the game until the break, like a Marcelo lost in a role of left piston.

After the break, Marcelo made another recovery error, but Werner totally squandered this opportunity… In the game, Real regained control of the ball, but offered absolutely nothing on the offensive side. After the combined entries of Ziyech, Havertz and James on the hour mark, Chelsea returned to the front with a Madrid team completely cornered in their camp.

For long minutes, almost nothing was happening in this meeting with two not very enterprising teams. At the end of the game, Real tried to force the decision with more pressure on Mendy’s cage, but without really succeeding in worrying the Chelsea keeper. And finally, the two teams parted on this score of parity.

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