The referee stops play to allow Wesley Fofana and Soyuncü to break the fast.

In a magnificent scene in England, the match referee Leicester City and Cristal Palace stopped the match for a few minutes so that the French player of Ivorian origin Fofana could break his fast

Last night during Leicester’s v Crystal Palace game, the referee interrupted the game a few seconds in the 35th minute to allow Wesley Fofana to break his Ramadan fast

While playing on iftar time, Leicester’s two Muslims Wesley Fofana and Soyuncü were given a few minutes to break the fast. The game was interrupted in the 35th minute to allow them to drink and eat dates.

Fofana then thanked the referee and posted this post after the match on Instagram: “I would like to thank Crystal Palace and their goalkeeper (who waited for Fofana to return before playing the 6m), the Premier League and all my teammates who allowed me to break the fast during the game. This is what makes football so wonderful ”.

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