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Do you often get unwanted notifications from GetApps on your Xiaomi phone? If you have a phone running MIUI, chances are you will receive spam notifications like “Get new features, update now” asking you to install or update apps on your phone. It can annoy a lot of people who are not interested in these apps. Therefore, we are here with some quick ways to disable GetApps on Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco phones running MIUI.

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Disable GetApps on Xiaomi, Redmi or Poco running MIUI

Formerly known as Mi Picks, Xiaomi GetApps is an official app store where you can download apps for your Xiaomi phone. However, since we already have Google Play Store, which is much better and cleaner, most of you might want to uninstall GetApps.

The problem with GetApps is that it keeps logging in with annoying alerts. It will send you notifications, asking you to update the apps on your phone. However, most of these apps are not even installed on the phone in the first place. So in short, it sends spam to you unless you install the apps it wants you to use on your phone.

Unfortunately, Xiaomi does not allow you to disable GetApps in the settings – we did not find an option. Still, we have a few workarounds that can help you get rid of annoying GetApps notifications on your Xiaomi, Redmi, or Poco phone running MIUI. Read on.

1. Turn off notifications

MIUI does not offer the option to deactivate GetApps. However, it allows you to turn off notifications for the same, as follows:

  1. Open Settings on your Xiaomi, Redmi or Poco phone.
  2. Go to Applications> Manage applications.
  3. Here, look for GetApps. Tap on it.
  4. On the next screen, click Notifications.
  5. Then turn off the toggle to turn off all notifications from GetApps.
  6. You can also force stop the application and erase its data.

2. Disable GetApps via PC (using ADB)

To permanently remove GetApps from your Xiaomi phone, you can use the ADB commands that we usually use to remove bloatware from Android phones. Here is a three step process to remove GetApps using ADB on your computer.

Step 1 – Prerequisites

  1. Download the ADB for your PC (Windows, Mac, Linux). Extract the zip file to your drive.
  2. On your phone, activate Developer options. To do this, go to Settings> About device, tap the MIUI version seven times until you see “Developer options have been enabled”.
  3. After that go to Additional settings> Developer options.
  4. Here, light up USB debugging.

Step 2 – Connect the phone via ADB

  1. Connect your Xiaomi phone to your PC using a USB cable.
  2. Change the access to file transfer from the option in the notification pane.
  3. Confirm when prompted to allow access to USB debugging on your phone.

Step 3 – Uninstall GetApps using ADB commands

  1. Open the command prompt on your computer. OR go to the ADB folder, press Shift + right click > Open the PowerShell window or Open the command prompt here.
  2. Type and enter “adb devices”To check if the device is connected.
  3. Then enter “adb shell. “
  4. Enter the following command: “Pm uninstall –k ––user 0 com.xiaomi.mipicks

That’s it. GetApps will now be permanently deleted from your Xiaomi phone and you don’t have to worry about those pesky notifications anymore. However, if you want to reinstall the app in the future, you can do so by using the command “adb shell cmd package install-existing com.xiaomi.mipicks.”

For a more detailed process, see our guide on removing system apps from Android without root.

3. Using the Debloater tool on PC

Debloater is a tool used to remove bloatware apps from Android devices. It works the same as the ADB method described above – you can use it if ADB seems too complicated for you.

  1. Enable USB debugging is enabled on your device if it is not already enabled.
  2. Now download the Debloater tool and install it on your PC.
  3. Open the tool and connect the phone using the USB cable to your computer. Please wait for it to detect your device.
  4. Now click on “Read phone plans»To see a list of all the applications installed on your device.
  5. Double-click on GetApps (com.xiaomi.mipicks) and press the Apply button.

That’s it; the preloaded GetApps will now be uninstalled from your Xiaomi, Redmi or Poco phone. Like the first method, this is a reversible process and you can recover uninstalled apps at any time.

Alternatively, you can also use MIUI Global Debloater Tool to remove bloatware apps from your Xiaomi phone.

Conclusion – Get rid of GetApps in MIUI

It was about how to delete and disable GetApps notifications on your Xiaomi, Redmi or Poco phone. It will help you get rid of unwanted app update notifications in MIUI. You can also use the methods described above to remove other bloatware apps from your Xiaomi device.

By the way, several people recently reported that apps have stopped working on their Xiaomi phone. If you are facing such problem on your phone, check these ways to fix MSA keeps stopping error on MIUI. Stay tuned for more articles like this.

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