Arteta speaks out on Kroenke statement and Ek Arsenal buyout speculation

Mikel Arteta believes the Kroenke family has demonstrated their commitment to Arsenal and says he “cannot control” talks about a takeover bid by Spotify CEO Daniel Ek.

Kroenke family ownership has come under scrutiny following the Gunners’ unfortunate involvement in the European Super League proposal, which only collapsed 48 hours after the competition was announced. separatist.

Arsenal supporters protested in large numbers against Stan Kroenke and his son Josh ahead of Friday’s 1-0 loss to Everton, while Spotify founder Ek tweeted about his interest in launching a takeover bid and would be preparing a consortium including the legends of the club Thierry Henry. , Dennis Bergkamp and Patrick Vieira.

A statement from Kroenke Sports & Entertainment (KSE) said on Tuesday it had no intention of selling, and boss Arteta believes that in doing so, all uncertainty has been removed.

“Yes, we spoke to them and I think it was very clear,” Arteta said during the preview for Arsenal’s Europa League semi-final first leg against Villarreal.

“They have shown their commitment to club football and they have shown their ambition for club football because we all want a successful team on the pitch. I think that was very clear and that took away any doubt about the situation, I think.

“When they said what they said last night and showed their commitment and desire to take the team where we all want, I think it’s clear.

“I said from the start what my perception was, everything I feel, all the communications I have with them.

“They are fully enthusiastic and committed to this project and they really want to push everyone to do what we want to do.”

Asked specifically about Ek, Arteta replied, “I can’t control the speculation and what’s going on. What I like to know and talk about is reality.

“We have owners who are really committed and want a team that is successful on the pitch, and will do whatever they can to make it happen.”

Arteta remains confident that disgruntled club fans will join the squad once they are allowed to return to the Emirates Stadium.

“Our fans made their voices heard in the game against Everton, but now we have a very clear statement from the owners,” he added.

“So I think it’s gone when they say what they said last night and show the commitment and desire to take the team where we all want to.

“The players need the fully engaged supporters behind the team and as soon as we get them inside the stadium I’m sure they will.

When asked if transfers for next season had been part of the discussions with the Kroenke family, Arteta replied: “It has always been part of the discussion.

“What I can tell you is that they want to do their best to have a really successful Arsenal on the pitch.”

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