“I wish there was consensus”

The 2nd vice-president of the Senegalese Football Federation (FSF), Abdoulaye Sow admitted that there is a consensus around a candidate for the election of the FSF.

Without citing a name, the leader said: “I would like there to be a consensus for the good of Senegalese football,” he said on Tuesday evening on 2STV. According to him, this discipline does not deserve to live in dislocation within a year of the African Cup of Nations. “We need a consensus on principles that will move football forward,” said Abdoulaye Sow.

Not wanting to openly affirm his support for Augustin Senghor as revealed by the Record newspaper, Abdoulaye Sow, who is also president of the Amateur League, added that the outgoing president must nevertheless necessarily lend him an attentive ear knowing that he is leading the body that brings together the most clubs in Senegal. “I run the Amateur League which is 3/4 of the clubs”, supported Mr. Sow, who underlines that Me Senghor has the right to represent himself for a 4th term since the texts of the Federation allow it, even if he hasn’t said it yet.

He also praised the courage of the president of Generation Foot, Mady Touré who is for the moment the only one to declare his candidacy for the election which is scheduled for August 2021.

Mbaye Diouf Dia, Saer Seck and Louis Lamotte have not yet declared their candidacies.

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