Liverpool’s goals against XG at Anfield in 2021 are absolutely barbaric

The expected goals measure indicates that Liverpool should have scored 14 goals at Anfield since the start of the year.

With world class forwards, you’d expect us to score between 12 and 16, really – maybe more if they were on a particularly hot run.

But from the xG of 13.78, we landed four times, one of which was a penalty, as the tweet below indicates:

We focused so much on our defense, but if our forwards had finished correctly we would still be comfortably in the top four.

It is appalling. Interestingly, Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino are both in the top three of players with the worst goals in xG’s record, with former Liverpool summer target Timo Werner the other striker on the podium!

Mo Salah has scored 29 goals in total this season – which is mind-blowing – especially considering our problems from start to finish in 2020/21.

The Egyptian carried his teammates on his back, but he even missed goalkeepers on Saturday …

He can be forgiven, as he finds the net with other opportunities, but at the moment, when Salah doesn’t win us games, there’s no one else to step in.

A clinical center forward remains a top priority this summer, more than ever.

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