Pour one for Eddy Cue’s iMessage Vision for Android

Illustration from the article titled For One Out for Eddy Cue '  s Vision of iMessage for Android

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A statement related to Epic Games’ ongoing case against Apple reveals that Eddy Cue in 2013 defended iMessage for Android, but was ultimately quashed.

The deposit transcription reported by The edge indicates that in April 2013, Cue was engaged in a documented conversation on the subject with Apple’s Craig Federighi. During this conversation, Cue said that Apple needs “to bring iMessage to Android.” A few people have investigated this, but we should go full speed ahead and make it an official project. The exchange further included a reference to losing market power to Google if the company did not comply with the proposal.

“Do we want to lose one of the most important applications in a mobile environment to Google?” Cue wrote. “They have searches, emails, free videos [are] developing rapidly in browsers. We have the best messaging app and should be making it the industry standard. I don’t know how we can monetize it, but it doesn’t cost us a lot to make it work. “

However, the image painted by the transcript of the deposition indicates that other senior Apple executives disagreed. Federighi responded to Cue by stating that he “feared that iMessage on Android would simply serve to remove a barrier for iPhone families giving their children Android phones.”

The document further states that Apple’s Phil Schiller disagreed with Cue on the plan. When asked if Cue thought “Schiller’s opinion prevailed,” Cue replied that “obviously he didn’t think we should, and we didn’t, so you can. say it prevailed. But I don’t think he played a decisive role in the decision.

Other parts of Cue’s deposition are unlikely to help Apple’s case in its fight against antitrust claims, including from Epic. At another point in the interview, Cue was cited as having written in an earlier 2013 conversation between Schiller, Cue and Tim Cook that, “gGetting customers to use our stores (iTunes, App, and iBookstore) is one of the best things we can do to attract people to the ecosystem. Which, given all the problem here with Epic is focusing on Apple App Store Practices, is doing Apple a disservice.

But the fact that Cue lobbied for a reality in which we could all use iMessage, no matter what platform our phones used and beaten down, is kind of a bummer. God forbid that we should all be able to text in harmony without shame of the green bubble. More tragically, Android is effectively rendering Tapback unnecessary – a crime, really.

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