Steve Bruce on ‘ridiculous’ and ‘ridiculous’ Anfield events

Newcastle manager Steve Bruce criticized the rules which meant Newcastle’s first equalizer was called off in added time.

Liverpool and the Magpies drew 1-1 on Saturday lunchtime, with an extremely controversial ending.

The first one goal ricocheted off Callum Wilson’s arm and ended up in the net – but it was totally accidental and to the naked eye – nothing.

“What a ridiculous decision not to concede a goal,” the Newcastle boss said in the Echo.

“We’re going to have to look at this, these crazy rules. VAR becomes laughable.

“It’s not VAR’s fault, however, it’s the letter of the law that we seem to be too much adhering to.

“That does not make sense. We just started a Super League with the opinion of a lot of people, and now we’re surely taking the letter of the law too literally.

“VAR was brought in for some clear and obvious mistakes, he shouldn’t be looking for a toe here or a millimeter there. This is nonsense and not a big show.

“I don’t think VAR is the problem, it’s the rules. The handball decision was ridiculous. We can’t score goals like that. “

Of course, after we got that delay, we embarrassed ourselves by letting another goal come in with the final play of the game.

At this point, watching, we just knew what was going to happen – the opposite of last season – when you knew Liverpool would name a winner.

We had more effort on goal against Newcastle than in the 7-0 win over Crystal Palace, but our finish was pathetic at times.

And the defensive collapse was predictable and ultimately, probably deserved. We’re not going to finish in the top four because we’re not going to win five trotting games.

We need the coming summer, everyone take a break, and we can start over.

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