The results of the medical report on the death of Maradona finally revealed

A commission of experts has made its report to justice on the death of Diego Maradona in recent days. According to the Argentinian press which relays the conclusions, the death at 60 of the Argentinian star was “preventable”, and the responsibility of his two doctors is seriously questioned.

The time of emotion after the death of Diego Maradona, last November at the age of 60, quickly gave way to questions surrounding the tragedy. The Argentinian press reveals this Wednesday some extracts from the final report presented to justice. Where the responsibility of the doctors of the former glory of football is called into question.

A “preventable” death

Maradona’s death was “preventable” according to the investigation’s findings. Doctors Luque and Cosachov, in charge of the “Pibe de Oro”, are now at risk of being prosecuted for manslaughter. The report requested by justice and carried out by a commission of experts underlines “omissions of rescue and a general negligence in the treatment” whereas the “care reserved for the patient had a decisive impact. “

The Argentinian press also speaks, according to the report, of a “totally uncontrollable situation” at the home of Diego Maradona with a “total lack of minimum equipment required” to treat the star. It is also pointed out a “insufficiency of predisposed housing and the absence of medical assistance in the last days of the life” of Maradona.

In addition, the two doctors seemed to ignore the presence of a dilated myocardia with consequent damage to the left ventricle, due to the drug addiction of Diego Maradona. No one has obviously asked the former number 10 in Argentina’s selection to carry out periodic examinations to monitor his heart capacity. The report also confirms that Maradona died as a result of cardio-respiratory arrest caused by severe heart failure, pulmonary edema and acute cirrhosis. It is now up to justice to decide on the responsibility of the two doctors, but also of other people around Maradona such as his lawyer or his psychologist.

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