The Tianjin Tianhai saga continues to drag on

The future of Chinese Super League club Tianjin Tianhai is on hold again, just two months after its purchase.

The much-maligned club seemed certain to dissolve before Vantone Holdings Corporation stepped in at the eleventh hour to save the club.

It was thought that this would be the end of the club’s struggles, but barely two months later it emerged that Vantone had not been able to agree on a financial package for the club, plunging it once again into the tormented.

The situation with the top-tier club is so dire that a selection of players stepped in, claiming they would be willing to forgo wages for cover the finances of the team themselves, securing their place in the Chinese Super League in 2020.

The club has been at the center of controversy since the days of Tianjin Quanjian, with the arrest of Quanjian group leader Shu Yuhui, followed by a year of unpaid salary claims being made at the end.

Prior to Vantone’s approach to buy the club, which was supposed to be available for free, it was reported that the club had debts in the order of RMB 1 billion, which the new owners would have to manage.

Now it looks like Vantone won’t be in a position to take over the club, again leaving his future in the hands of the CFA if no deal comes through.

This can be seen in a positive light by fans of Shenzhen FC, who are said to be the biggest benefactors of Tianhai’s disbandment, retaining their place in the Chinese Super League after suffering relegation in 2019.

With the uncertainty surrounding Tianhai, everyone thinks the club could go out of business, with only a skeleton team available for selection, even if they manage to keep their spot in the top spot.

Shenzhen, meanwhile, appears to be in a much more stable position and has built a squad that is arguably worthy of CSL, making them a more promising entity for the CFA, who will no doubt be exhausted by the ongoing issues. with Tianhai.

It’s a disappointing turn of events for Tianhai, who looked like a really promising team in Chinese football after securing a third place in the top row and then reaching the AFC Champions League quarter-finals, just one year later. by lifting the China League One trophy.

A number of Chinese soccer clubs have met their fate this offseason and if a takeover deal cannot be reached, Tianjin Tianhai could very well be the newest and most prominent club to be added to the team. listing.

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