(Video) Thiago does Tsimikas with great skill in training exercise

Thiago’s first season in England was not a brilliant one.

The first half was marred by injury, and the second half coincided with our worst form run in recent memory.

Its ability is not to be questioned – but with our ever-changing makeup and a loss of collective trust – it has often seemed unsuited to our system.

Kostas Tsimikas just hasn’t been lucky, likely because Jurgen Klopp feels he can’t risk changing another member of the backline when both center-backs are rookies.

In the clip below, you’ll see Thiago’s incredible skill at making the Greek a little bit silly – but he does this stuff all the time in Kirkby.

Next season, with better luck with injuries and a nice, long break – we really hope he can find his place in a team that is still potentially brilliant.

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