Carzola names Arsenal as one of the clubs to win the title

Former Spain star Santi Cazorla has named Arsenal as one of the favorites to win the UEFA Europa League this season.

The other club according to Cazorla is Villareal.

This comes ahead of the return leg between Arsenal and Villarreal which is due to take place this Thursday.

It would take a miracle for the Gunners to bounce back to defeat Villarreal this week after losing the first leg with a 2-1 score.

However, Cazorla believes that one of the two clubs will reach the final and win the title. However, he stressed that he would have loved to see the two clubs face off in the final.

Speaking to UEFA, Cazorla, a former Arsenal and Villarreal player, said his feelings for both clubs were so overwhelming that it was difficult for him to choose one or the other.

“I would have liked this tie to be the final, because I knew that at least the winner would lift the trophy,” he added.

He stressed that the feelings of watching both clubs play will be very good, but that he would feel very bad for the side that gets knocked out in the semi-finals.

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